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Fun morning cooking flapjacks and bacon. I had some pineapple with mine. Malia played outside in her new bathing suit. Drove over to my Mom and Dad’s house, but alas, no power washer in the shed. Hoping to somehow power wash the deck today so I can stain tomorrow. “Happy Mother’s Day Fran, I stained the deck/”. She would be thrilled. Anyway, lots to do as usual, not enough time in the day. Could be worse, right?

Home Improvement

We have been doing some nifty home improvements this spring. Hope to have everything taken care of by the end of May so we can enjoy the summer months. After 8 years of being in our house, our front yard is now landscaped finally. Malia was a big help picking out the right plants with [...]

Tigers’ Game April 6 2009

Just to backtrack a little bit, the three of us went down to the Tigers’ game the Monday following Easter. It was frigid. We were lucky enough to get into the restaraunt portion of the Brushfire Grille to eat and warm up. It was actually reasonable in price and we had a great time.  Malia [...]


It is Sunday and after a semi busy weekend Fran and taking advantage of Malia’s nap time. Fran is taking a well deserved nap and I am trying to figure out this whole blog thing. I think this part is going well but I have a lot to learn still about how to use this [...]